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The Children’s Museum Tucson Rooted Heritage Garden celebrates our Sonoran Desert, its plants, animals and people. There are many resources in our community to help families learn more about the things that make our corner of the world so amazing. Explore the garden through hands-on, interactive learning experiences rooted in creativity, culture and diverse inclusion, then check out the links below to find out more from experts from throughout Tucson and Southern Arizona. 


Tucson’s standing as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy stems from its being one of the oldest continuously inhabited and culturally cultivated cities in the United States. Its agricultural history spans centuries, leading to a distinctive cuisine and exciting culinary innovations blending native and modern palates. Learn more – do more!


There is no shortage of tales about the Sonoran Desert. Storytelling has a long and culturally integrated history in Tucson, based on the rich layers of its diverse past. Local organizations continue the storytelling tradition in a variety of media. More family-friendly learning experiences await! 


Experience many sides of agriculture in Tucson through its unique garden communities. From plants for pollinators to native foods to beautiful flowers, discover how the desert nourishes its inhabitants both physically and mentally.


People have populated our harsh climate for thousands of years, putting Southern Arizona in the forefront of desert conservation for a sustainable and living community. Visit these organizations to learn about current efforts to save our natural treasures.