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Privacy Policy

The Children’s Museum Tucson counts upon your support and is committed to protecting your privacy. When you make a donation to the Children’s Museum Tucson, we ask for your personal information such as name, address, email, telephone and other relevant information. We use personal information from donors to: 1) process your donation or request; 2) thank you personally; 3) send you additional information about CMT’s programs, events and items of interest, and 4) for our own financial record keeping. We may recognize donors for their gifts in the annual report, e-newsletter, donor wall or other published materials.

Your personal information is private and we commit to you that we never share, trade or sell donor information with other organizations and honor the privacy and confidentiality of every gift. If you would prefer not to receive mail or email from us or if you do not want any recognition for your donation to be made public, please let us know.

Thank you for your support.

Children’s Museum Tucson File Retention Policy

Tax Returns are saved for perpetuity.

Financial Documents are to be saved for 7 years and destroyed properly (shredded) after the 7th year.

HR Documents are saved for 7 years and destroyed properly (shredded) after the 7th year.

Documents regarding grant or donation proceeds are stored for 7 years and destroyed (shredded) properly 7 years after receipt of funds.

Volunteer paperwork is stored for 3 years and disposed (shredded) of properly after 3 years. Volunteer hours worked are held electronically for 7 years.

Board Member files are saved for the life of their tenure and for 3 years after they have served.

Files for Marketing are not confidential and therefore don’t have a retention policy.

Each individual department creates documents for use to facilitate their assignments. These documents are saved by them for the purposes of reuse; nothing they have is confidential or based on any particular guest or member.

Children’s Museum Tucson Whistleblower/No Retaliation Policy

As stated in Employee Manual section 5.6.2-3:

Museum will investigate and take prompt, appropriate and effective remedial or disciplinary action, up to and including termination, as necessary.
Whenever possible, the confidentiality of the complaint will be maintained. At times, however, the details of the complaint or identity of the complaining party or witnesses must be disclosed to effectively investigate or address the complaint. In all circumstances, Museum will take all reasonable steps to assure that the complaining party does not suffer any reprisals or retaliation.

Retaliation against any employee for filing a complaint of, or participating in an investigation into, alleged unlawful harassment or discrimination is strictly prohibited. If an employee believes he or she is the subject of unlawful retaliation, the employee should follow the reporting procedure outlined in Section 5.5.1.