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Explore the Children’s Museum Oro Valley

Ball Wall

See how those things that must come down, do. Move the wooden pieces on the Ball Wall to create a track for the ball to follow.

Peek-A-Boo Palace

Climb, hide, play and slide on Peek-a-boo Palace! This exhibit stimulates kids’ imagination – they can be astronauts, princesses or explorers as they move about the structure. A nearby dress-up area with fun-house mirrors extends the play. Peek-a-boo Palace also helps teach our visitors how to take turns and have patience.

Art Studio

Our Art Studio is a hub of creativity! The studio is filled with paper, markers, paint, glue and lots of other art supplies that let kids unleash their imagination to create masterpieces.

The Art Studio is sponsored by the William and Mary Ross Foundation.

Water Table

Scoop, Pour and Splash! Water tables offer a sensory experience that help kids practice gross and fine motor coordination, understand cause and effect and work on their hand-eye coordination.

Toddler Town

Toddler Town is the perfect place for kids to test their gross- and fine-motor skills. Practice balancing as they climb or crawl up the dome, then explore the varying textures, shapes, toys, secret rooms and mirrors of the tilted houses. It’s a sensory wonderland for kids!

Literacy Corner

Our Literacy Corner, tucked beneath a canopy of books, encourages a love of books for even our youngest visitors. Kids can tuck up in a reading nook and flip through a board book, or spend some time reading with mom or dad.

Lullaby Lounge

This area for the Museum’s smallest visitors offers a quiet space with a wall full of textures and shapes for little hands to explore.

Farmers’ Market

Grab a shopping bag and pick up some healthy food choices at the Farmers Market! Head over to the picnic area and share your food with friends. The market, set beside a red barn, gives kids the opportunity to role play, and learn about healthy eating.

Sponsored by IMPACT of Southern Arizona.


Airways brings the magic of movement to the Museum with scarves, balls and air pressure. Kids experience the basics of physics and early STEM education.

Airways is sponsored by Dr. Jaw Orthodontics.