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My Time

MyTime is an inclusion program that welcomes families and children who are in need of supportive experiences.
Visit us during MyTime for a quieter, sensory-controlled visiting time for children with special needs. The Museums are open to all visitors during this time to provide a truly inclusive experience for all families.

"I might get overwhelmed by people and noises and I might need a place to sit quietly."

MyTime Tucson

3-5 pm Monday-Friday
Half-price admission

Tickets can be reserved online or purchased at the door.
  • The Museum has 2 ramps in the courtyard, to the right and/or left of the front door. Both are wheelchair-friendly.
  • There are restrooms located in two parts of the Museum. The restrooms in Whistle Stop are wheelchair-friendly. The second set of restroom is located by Imagine It!
  • Service animals are welcome with identification.
  • A wheelchair is available, free of charge, at the Front Desk in the Lobby.
  • Maps of the Museum are accessible in each exhibit.
  • If it is too loud, sound-reducing headphones are available at the Front Desk in the Lobby.
Read a social story about visiting the Children’s Museum Tucson:

MyTime Tucson

Sensory Room

3-5 pm Monday-Friday

With the help of Marmalade Skies and DreamLike Sensory Spaces, we created a new space in the Fiesta Room! We have comfy bean bags, sensory-based activities and toys. Like our therapy putty and sensory plushies!

MyTime is supported by

Armstrong MacDonald

MyTime is offered in collaboration with:

We’re Here to Help!

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the Museum reopening, please email us at [email protected] or call 520-792-9985.