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Field Trips

Bring your group to the Museum for a field trip!

Museum Field Trips include guided learning, an activity or demonstration, Museum exploration.
Please fill out a Field Trip Interest Form to select your topic and requested date and time. 
Funding may be available for Title I schools. Book early! Please let us know on your interest form if you are eligible for funding.
Limited space remains for Spring 2024. Monday options are now available on the Field Trip Interest Form.

All Field Trips are available for groups of 10 or more children and can be bilingual.

For a visit without a program, please see our Group Visit page.

Field Trip Rates

Field Trips with Program:

  • $9 per child
  • 1 adult REQUIRED for every 5 children.
  • 1 adult will be admitted FREE with every 5 children.
  • Additional adults are $9 each.
PLEASE NOTE: Reservations must be made at least seven days before a visit in order to receive the Field Trip reduced rate. To get your desired date, we suggest booking six months in advance.
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Your class may qualify for FREE admission and/or a bus subsidy. Call for details. Limited availability.

Field Trip Programs


Children will explore their five senses as they listen to the book, “Look, Listen, Taste, Touch & Smell!” We’ll use a drum, a flower, and some fabric to review how the five senses work, and then round out our time together by working in groups as children dive deeper into their exploration of the five senses.



We’ll read “Mixed: A Colorful Story” by Arlee Chung to introduce us to primary colors, play a sorting game to learn about the secondary colors, and then create a colorful, color-blending sun catcher using tissue paper squares and contact paper!


Let’s count to 10! 20! We’ll start by reading “10 Black Dots” by Donald Crews, followed by a counting exercise where we’ll shake our arms and legs, and we’ll finish our time together using dot stickers and markers to create our own Donald Crews-inspired piece.


Join us for this immersive class held in our Electri-City exhibit where we’ll learn about renewable energy options.


Join us as we explore the Sonoran desert and the many Desert Friends we encounter.


In CMT’s Electri-city exhibit, discover where electricity comes from, explore how batteries work, and turn a battery into a homopolar motor. In teams, students will assemble their own electrical circuit and power a variety of objects.


Little astronomers will enjoy  discovering properties of space rocks (meteorites) through hands-on investigations. They will begin to grasp the great sizes and distances of these dynamic bodies in our Solar System. Students will then get to create a model of their very own out-of-this-world picture!


Get ready to dive into the Pre-historic era as we learn all about the majestic creatures that used to roam the land, and what they ate!


Let’s get our hands messy with this exciting program about science. This lesson will introduce students to the Scientific Method- formulating their own hypothesis, testing it and getting surprising results!


Students will learn about the murals, and the artists who created them, that adorn the sides of buildings throughout the city of Tucson.


In our Investigation Station STEM gallery, students will
experiment with the attributes of air, air power and how air is able to move different objects using our impressive Amazing Airways exhibit. Air power will surprise you again when we make and launch paper rockets using recycled materials.



Students will learn about the nose, ears, lungs, heart, mouth, and eyes, as well as their function and purpose. After, students will participate in a heart cell demo and have the opportunity to create their own heart cell. This program is a larger-than-life-size lesson on the amazing human body!



Within our newest exhibit, Sense of Place students will explore features that are unique to Tucson, learn about all the different scientists who study it and how the animals who share our home can hide in it.

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