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CMT Expansion Campaign

An Opportunity

CMT has purchased the historic 130 S. Scott Building, adjacent to the Carnegie building, in downtown Tucson. Its proximity to the current facility, as well as dedicated space for parking, allows for a cost-effective expansion in ways that otherwise would not be possible.

CMT will activate additional expansion plans, starting with the remodel of the building  to accommodate the administrative offices and the new Angel Charity for Children Education Center. Space in the existing Museum building will then be renovated to become 6,000 square feet of new exhibit space, and current exhibit space will be updated throughout the Museum. Finally, significant outdoor programming and community enhancements will be added.



Angel Charity for Children has selected Children’s Museum Tucson as its 2024 Impact Grant Beneficiary.

Children’s Museum Tucson is slated to receive $1 million to facilitate the renovation of the new Education Center at 130 S. Scott Ave. The new center will include additional program spaces, and expand access for children from Title I schools, benefiting an additional 40,000 students in the inaugural year.

Double your impact
with a TEP Matching Donation

Help us make a difference in the lives of children. TEP is pledging $5,000 towards Angel Charity for Children’s efforts to fund beneficiaries, including Children’s Museum Tucson, which supports TEP’s focus on education. The grant will help establish a new Education Center and three additional program spaces, expanding the museum’s capacity to serve more children. Make your match here.

The expansion campaign

The development of a larger, accessible campus will help Children’s Museum Tucson expand its reach and impact for all children and families. Our new and remodeled galleries and exhibits offer more opportunities for low-income and historically under-represented groups to experience hands-on learning. Your support will ensure the Museum continues to be a welcoming place that encourages all children to explore and create.

We can’t wait to build the kind of children’s museum that Tucson deserves!

In order to realize the ideal plan for the CMT campus, including the future Science Park, Children’s Museum Tucson is in an expansion campaign to raise up to $15 million. 

Children’s Museum Tucson accepts Bitcoin 
For more information, email Hilary Van Alsburg.

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