Volunteer Application

ie. AZ

Background Information

Voluntary Questions

Please tell us a little bit about your family/household. This information will be kept confidential. We are requesting this information for a study on community participation in our volunteer program. Thank you!


Please list the times you are available for each day below. The Museum is open on the following days and times:
9am - 5pm Tuesday through Friday
10am - 5pm on Weekends

We are open Mondays in the summer and school holidays.


Please list 3 people, other than friends or relatives, who are willing to serve as professional references including, if applicable, someone for whom you have volunteered.

Reference 1
Address, City, State, Zip

Reference 2
Address, City, State, Zip
Reference 3
Address, City, State, Zip
I certify that the information provided in this application is true and correct, and has been given voluntarily. I understand that this information may be disclosed to any party with legal and proper interest, and release the Children's Museum Tucson from any liability whatsoever for supplying such information. I agree to abide by any and all Museum policies and understand if I do not abide by the Museum policies, rules, and regulations, I may be dismissed from my position as a volunteer.
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