Wee World

Wee World is the Early Childhood Education domain for kids four and younger.

At this age, 90 percent of a child’s critical brain development occurs. With this in mind, the Museum’s new Wee World offers unfamiliar terrain and materials for children to explore and discover their environment with tactile play. The climbing castle, for instance, has mirrors inside a tee-pee where toddlers can see themselves. Young children love looking at their own reflection as they learn about self and fostering their own curiosity. The climbing castle is complete with rock wall grips shaped as letters.

Another area of Wee World houses the climbing forest, a safe place for small kids to be challenged with stairs and a short suspension bridge to walk across. They can celebrate their climbing accomplishments with a slide back to the earth. These climbing experiences help our youngest visitors work on their gross motor skills while also enabling them to take chances and risks in a safe environment.

The new Wee World has a nook complete with a fanciful tree that offers a perfect spot to curl up with a book and take a break from the hustle and bustle. To complete your WeeWorld experience, children can take a spin in our very own Carrot Car. Wee World is a wonderfully tactile space built just for young crawlers and walkers.

Wee World Gallery

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