What can you create in this hands-on exhibit?

Art is about expressing feelings and ideas and sharing a personal perspective about the world around you. The Tiffany Tankersley Imaginarium offers so many more textures, colors and materials for children to use to create individual works of art. There is a slate table where they are able to paint with water. 

There’s a rubbing station and whiteboard and easels to make personal masterpieces. An open wire sculpture invites children to attach found objects that create a dynamic and ever-changing display. The Art Studio encourages children to take everyday materials and create with them.

The diversity of experiences in the newly imagined Art Studio allows visitors of all ages to interpret, tinker and problem-solve using their imagination and a resourceful supply of materials. Given the greatly reduced exposure to arts in the school system, the Museum’s Art Studio is a great way for children to be creative and expressive — characteristics critical for academic development. It’s also a great space for families to ngage in creative exploration together.


Art Studio Gallery

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