Wee World

Our brand new space just for children under 4 with; a playhouse, rock climbing wall, slide, carrot car and much more!


 A new and improved space to help your inner artist emerge! 

Mini Nano Exhibit

Learn about things on the nano scale and find out how nano science is used all around us!

Investigation Station

Investigation Station features Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities, all hands-on. Test your juggling skills with the "Bernoulli Blowers", use your body in the "Power Pump Seats" to make colorful balls rise and fall, and so much more!


There's lots to do in and out of the Children's Museum. Start your visit in Andra's Garden,  cared for by Janos Wilder, chef & owner of Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails. Then build a cool structure using our Imagination Blocks, explore the Playhouse with sand pit, and more! 


Enter Techtopia for a fun and creative digital trip through bugs, shadow mosaics and reading.



 Explore our health & wellness exhibit complete with farmer's market, garden, orchard, juice bar, oversized body parts and even a tree house!

Pet Vet

Give way to your child’s imagination in our Pet Vet exhibit. Put on a lab coat, check vital stats and finish up the visit at the grooming station. Being a “doctor” can be so much fun!

Whistle Stop Gallery

Get behind the "wheel" of a train with this fun-filled train engine, perfect for little engineers. Check out the train's point of view with an on-board camera and imagine traversing the great outdoors by rail.

Build It

Who knew building could be so much fun? Step into Build It for a hands-on adventure into creating structures and paths with our Ball Wall, Keva Planks, Legos and more!

Public Safety

Wear a firefighter's gear, climb into a fire truck, learn about fire safety and the new CMT EMT ambulance! Take a "drive" in the fire truck too!


Create electricity and find out how to conserve resources! Come see a Jacob's Ladder. You can learn how to prevent a power outage.

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