Michael Luria
Executive Director
Phone: (520) 792-9985 ext. 104
Click to Contact Michael


Autumn Rentmeester
Director of Development & Operations
Phone: (520) 792-9985 ext. 103
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Hilary Van Alsburg
Director of Philanthropy & Learning
Phone: (520) 792-9985 ext. 114
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Joel Trupiano
Director of Exhibits & Facilities
Phone: (520) 792-9985 ext. 101
Click to Contact Joel


Teresa Truelsen
Director of Marketing
Phone: (520) 792-9985 ext. 105
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Mackenzie Massman
Associate Director of Guest Experiences
Phone: (520) 792-9985 ext. 106
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Lucinda Del Rincon
Special Events Coordinator
Phone: (520) 792-9985 ext. 100
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Maeghan Fasciola
Membership Coordinator
Phone: (520) 792-9985 ext. 113
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Stephanie Papaefthemiou
Development Coordinator
Phone: (520) 792-9985 ext. 112
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Carol Sayler
Phone: (520) 792-9985 ext.108
Click to contact Carol


Jennifer Phillips
Education and Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: (520) 792-9985 ext. 111
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Andrea Vesecky
Education Specialist
Phone: (520) 792-9985 ext. 109
Click to contact Andrea

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